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​​​SmartWind Technologies, LLC is a technology development and service company specializing in providing products, software and knowledge to measure, analyze and interpret complex flow information from the lower atmosphere. We develop high-resolution measurement systems coupled with data analysis and visualization products that translate multifaceted atmospheric measurements into customer defined actionable information.       

While SmartWind Technologies happily serves a diverse customer base, its starting point was focused on measuring and analyzing wind plant complex flows.  Leveraging the exclusive rights to the relevant intellectual property developed at Texas Tech University, the company has served a variety of wind energy partners.  SmartWind Technologies installed its first commercial high-resolution dual-Doppler radar system focused on wind plant complex flows in 2016, and provided a supporting software suite to enable quick and efficient interrogation and extraction of customer relevant measurements.  

Whether you are interested in basic weather monitoring to support day-to-day operational decision making, a mobile radar system that can be quickly deployed on demand, or a specialized permanent system to support specific business objectives, SmartWind Technologies has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.  We make the measurements work for you. 

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